Producers: Penelope McDonald
Director: Dylan River
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2013
Run time: 55 mins
Distributor:  Ronin Films  
Broadcaster: SBS


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For use by educational institutions or for public screenings:

Jack Buckskin is a man whose mission is to sculpt a new urban Aboriginal language and culture, and through that bring hope back to his people.

Jack Buckskin is the teacher of an endangered language. From the northern Adelaide suburb of Salisbury, Jack’s mission is to teach the Kaurna language, the language of his ancestors, to as many people as he can in his lifetime. But this is not easy. The language was driven near extinction over a century ago. Now Jack and fellow language speakers are sculpting a new Kaurna language and culture, and through that seeking to bring a new way of being to the youth of suburban Adelaide, in the form of a new Aboriginal identity, and with that, hope.

  • WINNER! Foxtel Australian Documentary Prize Sydney Film Festival 2013
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – 2014 Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Sydney Film Festival 2013
  • Adelaide Film Festival 2013
  • Oceanian International Documentary Film Festival (FIFO), Tahiti 2014
  • Stronger Than Fiction Canberra 2014
  • Down Under Film Festival Berlin 2014
  • Margaret Mead New York 2014

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