Kamira: Pina Yanirlipa Ngurrarakurra

Producer: Penelope McDonald
Director: Penelope McDonald
Co- Directors: Peter Ross Jangala, Cecil Johnson Japangardi, Marlene Johnson Nampijmpa
Genre: Documentary
Run time: 40 mins
Year: 1986


The story of the journey made by Warlpiri people from Lajamanu, travelling on foot, horseback and tractor across 230km of the Tanami Desert back to Kamira – an Aboriginal outstation. Kamira has been home to Warlpiri Aborigines for thousands of years. In the 1950s and 1960s Warlpiri people were forcibly moved from their country into government settlements.

Since the late 1960s some Aboriginal people have been voting with their feet against the assimilation policies. They are walking away from those days towards the freedom of their own land. Kamira tells the story of one family’s return to their country in 1985.