Black Sheep

Producer: Penelope McDonald
Director: Louise Glover
Genre: Documentary
Run time: 26 mins
Year: 1999
Broadcaster: SBS

An enlightening exploration of racial and sexual identity as assumptions and stereotypes are examined. Lou Glover grew up in New South Wales repeating the same homophobic and racist taunts she heard around her. Though she was raised in a white family, she was dark-haired and dark-eyed and was often asked if she was Aboriginal–a suggestion she vehemently denied. It wasn’t until she came out as a lesbian and left the racist and homophobic environment in which she was raised that she began to explore her ancestry. And that’s when she uncovered the secret that her father’s family had been hiding for three generations. In this upbeat film from Australia, Lou Glover tells her own story as lesbian, one-time police officer, and recently- discovered Aboriginal woman.

  • Tudawali Film and Video Awards (2001)
  • London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2001)
  • EthnoFilmfest Berlin (2001)
  • Inside Out – Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2000)
  • Frameline – San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival(2000)
  • Out Takes – New Zealand Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2000)
  • Lesbian Film Festival – Berlin (2000)