My Mother My Son

Producer: Penelope McDonald
Director: Erica Glynn
Genre: Short Film
Run time 27 mins
Year: 2000
Distributor: Ronin Films
Broadcaster: SBS


For use by educational institutions or for public screenings

Ronin Films

Mona and her adult daughter, Kymmy, set out from their country home to get Kymmy’s young son from foster care in the city. As they travel they face and overcome many setbacks, and their past and future are explored. They argue and part ways. Kymmy gets to the foster home only to find another obstacle in her way. Mona arrives later and brings about a surprising and provocative resolution.

  • Tudawalia Film and Video Awards
  • EthnoFilmfest Berlin (2001)
  • Telluride Film Festival (2000)