My Mother India

Producer: Penelope McDonald
Director: Safina Uberoi
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2001
Run time 52 mins
Distributor: Ronin Films
Broadcaster: SBS; TVF International


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Ronin Films

My Mother India is a young woman’s journey of cultural exploration and reconciliation within her family. The story travels between cultures and two continents as she comes to understand the different heritages she has inherited through her matriarchal forebears; her India ‘Biji’ and her Australian grandmother.

It is no wonder that Safina Uberoi made a film about her family: She has an Indian father who collects kitch calendars, an Australian mother who hangs her knickers out to dry in front of the horrified Indian neighbours, a grandfather who was a self-styled Guru and a fiercely man-hating grandmother. What begins as a quirky and humorous documentary about an eccentric, multicultural upbringing unfolds into a complex commentary on the social, political and religious events of the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 which tore this family apart. This is a powerful tale of love and hate, exile and belonging, loss of identity and return to faith.


  • Best Australian Documentary, Real Life on Film Documentary Festival
  • Jury Prize for Best Australian Documentary, Australian Film Critics Circle
  • Rouben Mamoulian & Community Relations Commission Awards, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival
  • Best Screenwriting Prize, The NSW Premier’s Literary Award
  • Special Jury Award, Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Best Long – Form Documentary, Australian Teachers of Media Awards
  • Best Video Production, Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Best Pitch, Heidtman/AFTRS Award

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